What Sets Us Apart

Love Your Smile!

Anderson and Ditcharo Orthodontics provides advanced orthodontic care, designed for the ideal treatment experience and beautifully healthy results.

Dr. Arthur Anderson, Dr. Anthony Ditcharo, Dr. Elizabeth Smith, and our team believe you deserve optimal oral health and function – and we believe you deserve to Love Your Smile!

Our Approach to Orthodontics

At Anderson and Ditcharo Orthodontics, we are in the business of improving our patients’ quality of life:

  • We can perform early treatment to help avoid extractions in the future.
  • We can create a naturally appealing smile that improves function, comfort, and self-confidence.
  • We can create a bite that fits together properly, which is easier to keep clean, and will reduce gingival recession that often occurs when teeth are misaligned.
  • We can treat and eliminate symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.
  • We can help improve airway space, thereby by decreasing present and future sleep apnea risks.
  • We can treat bruxism (teeth grinding) and therefore help reduce the chance of fracture and ensure the longevity of the patient’s teeth
  • And, as part of the patient’s overall dental plan, we can move teeth into positions that allow the general dentist to restore existing teeth or replace missing teeth.

In these ways, and so many more, we have the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our office is the newest, most up-to-date office in our area. We make almost all orthodontic appliances in-house, giving us complete control over the process so no detail is missed.
  • We have a very open office plan and approach to treatment, welcoming parents and friends to join patients in the treatment area.
  • We set our own schedule, ensuring there is plenty of time for the doctors to see each patient at every visit and talk with them and their family about progress.
  • We make treatment fit with people’s busy lives, with appointments starting at 7:30 AM. Our phones are answered 7:30-4:30 Monday through Thursday, as well as 7:30-12:00 on Fridays.
  • Our doctors are always on-call for afterhours emergencies.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Our doctors and everyone on the Anderson and Ditcharo Orthodontics team look forward to helping you achieve your best smile – a Smile You Love!

Please contact us to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation at our Nashville, TN orthodontic office, today!

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